Public Access – Matrimonial & Family Finance


At Spire Barristers, we understand that divorce proceedings are often difficult and emotive circumstances. That is why when we dealing with divorce, our barristers ensure they work with clients in a professional yet understanding, supportive and dedicated capacity throughout proceedings. As part of our service we are providing our guideline to divorce proceedings to advise and inform you, delivering critical information and giving insight into the process of undertaking a divorce to add clarity in complex times.

Further guideline to divorce proceedings

We can advise and assist you with all financial aspects of the breakdown of your marriage or relationship from drafting pre-nuptial agreements to assisting you with your divorce and sorting out your finances following separation.  We also deal regularly with cohabitation disputes about the ownership of property, disputes relating to wills, inheritance claims and cases dealing with finances for children, including between unmarried couples (‘Schedule 1’ cases) and Child Maintenance Service disputes.

Get in touch.

Clients are encouraged to contact one of our Clerks in the first instance to discuss the suitability of their matter for direct access and the availability of an appropriate direct access Barrister.

If it appears that it is appropriate for a Barrister to assist you, we will arrange for a preliminary telephone discussion with one of our Barristers. This discussion will not place any commitment upon you to continue with instructing via direct access.

If you require our professional and compassionate services in divorce and mediation or you would like additional advice, our dedicated Clerking team are available on 0113 200 2400 or email us at Alternatively, you can reach us by completing our contact form below.