Public Access

In addition to receiving instructions from or through a Solicitor certain Barristers, who have undertaken the appropriate training, are now able to accept instructions directly from individuals and commercial organisations. The direct access scheme (Public Access) is operated under the guidance of The Bar Standards Board, and full details and guidance can found by clicking here.

Fees: The costs in respect of a public access case will depend on a number of factors. They include:

  • The volume of documents
  • The tasks you need your barrister to carry out (for example, it will cost more if the barrister assists you in drafting statements, court forms and sifting evidence than it would if they are simply advising on the hearing)
  • The length of the hearing
  • Seniority of barrister
  • Location of the case
  • The complexity of the case
  • The time it takes to prepare
  • Any novel points of law or additional research

We will always provide you with a clear pricing structure for handling your case and we will return your documents to you free of charge if you decide you don’t want to use our services having provided that pricing to you. You will be asked to pay in advance before any work is undertaken. This means you will never be charged for work that you have not already agreed one of our barristers should carry out.

If your case requires any additional work we will contact you in advance, explain why the additional work is necessary and take your clear instructions on whether you want us to carry out the work or not. Again, we will ask for payment in advance of carrying out additional work.

Our barristers are able to work on both a fixed fee or an hourly rate. Although it is more normal to agree a fixed fee for specific, identified work, this will be discussed with you in advance to reach a suitable agreement as to what is most appropriate in your specific circumstances. The agreement will be stated in a written contract. We do not accept payment by Credit or Debit Card. The most common payment method is BACS transfer directly into your barrister’s professional account. We are also accustomed to receiving cheques for payment, which must be cleared prior to the work being undertaken.

Our public access barristers cost anywhere between £150 and £600 per hour plus VAT, depending on seniority and experience. Please discuss the pricing of our barristers with our clerking team. Where a fixed fee is agreed it will be based on the clerk’s expert knowledge as to how long any individual case is likely to require. Fees will not normally include VAT, but that will be made clear to you both in advance and in the written agreement. There will be no hidden additional costs. Any additional costs will be set out in an agreement and included in advance. The most likely additional cost is reasonable travel expenses where a hearing or meeting is in a court that is more than 50 miles from our Chambers.

Please contact us for further information or to provide a fee quotation.

The types of case we can help are listed below:-


N.B The contents of this page were last reviewed on 11th January 2021.

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