Wellbeing at the Bar Certificate of Recognition Award13.06.19

The Members of Spire Barristers and Staff are thrilled to have been awarded the Certificate of Recognition for Wellbeing at the Bar.

On announcing the certification award, The Bar Council said “Spire Barristers have used a focus on wellbeing to review policies which contribute to member and staff wellbeing. Having first got the basics right – a policy and support in place for those who need it – they are now building up activity, looking at what already works in chambers and doing more of it”.

Catherine Burrett, Wellbeing Officer and Member of Chambers said: “I am so pleased to be at the bar at this important time of change. As a society we have always understood the importance of a person’s physical health needs but now at the bar we are taking this a step further by recognising and supporting everyone’s mental wellbeing.

Joint Heads of Chambers, Sarah Blackmore and Jacqui Thomas said: “ We are honoured that our work to improve the wellbeing of our barristers and staff has been recognised by the Bar Council. We take the issue very seriously at Spire and we will continue to build on this to make sure that Spire is a happy supportive place to work.”