Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Chambers, its staff and members operate a policy that we do not discriminate directly or indirectly against, or victimise anyone, on the grounds of their race, colour, national or ethnic origins; nationality or citizenship; gender, marital status or sexual orientation; religion, political persuasion, age or disability. This policy is applied in deciding whether to accept briefs and instructions from clients and in the provision of services; in the selection, recruitment and treatment of staff, pupils and tenants. Where a professional or lay client, as a result of disability, cannot attend chambers, we will visit the premises of the professional or lay client as appropriate.

Chambers, its staff and members do not act on any instructions or inducement to discriminate on the grounds of race, colour, national or ethnic origins, nationality or citizenship; gender, marital status or sexual orientation; religion, political persuasion, age or disability. Equally we do not instruct, induce, or attempt to induce anyone to discriminate on such grounds.

It is Chambers’ Policy to operate within the relevant legislation and codes of conduct, which are referred to as appropriate including:

  • Equality Act 2010
  • The Code of Conduct of the Bar
  • The Equality Code for the Bar

In line with the Bar Standard Board’s new Equality and Diversity rules of the Code of Conduct, please find our Diversity Data for Spire Barristers as at July 2020. 

Our Equality & Diversity Committee

Chambers is very proud of its pro- active Equality & Diversity Committee. We did not want our internal Equality & Diversity Committee to be just a tick box exercise where Chambers has a Policy and repeats its commitment to the relevant legislation. Instead we have a vibrant and busy Committee compromised currently of the following members of Chambers: Liz Shaw, Helal Ahmed, James Goodwin, Reagan Persaud, Tahneet Irshad and Jen Bridgeman (our Family & Public Law Clerk). We recently all agreed that Philippa Pudney, who is the Equality and Diversity representative on Chambers Junior Tenants Committee should also join us and we thereby ensure complete equality in Chambers.

The members have been actively networking with external groups as we believe that is the way to ensure our own growth, learning and to keep our minds open. On this page we can give you a snapshot of what we have achieved in 2020.

We are the first set on the North Eastern Circuit to adopt the “Halo Code” which is  a pledge to all  members of the Black community that they have the “freedom and security to wear all afro-hairstyles without restriction or judgment”. Through our presence on the NEC Diversity Outreach Programme, we have also been encouraging other sets to also join up to the “Halo Code”.

Chambers is also in the process of signing up to the FreeBar Charter and we aim to get the Charter mark, having completed all the necessary steps by the end of 2021.  We believe this sends a very important message that Spire Barristers is welcoming to LGBTQ+ applicants and members.

We have had a meeting with representatives of the “Women in Law Pledge”. Whilst we are rather pleased that we are unique in having two female joint Heads of Chambers and a strong female presence in Chambers, we still feel we have more to offer by way of commitment to women at the Bar and so we are busy drafting our pledges which will reflect our commitment to issues of; the retention of women at the Bar and supporting women  returning to work at the Bar.

Chambers is also a supporter of “Bridging the Bar” and have committed to taking part in their 10,000 Black Interns project & mini pupillage scheme.

We hope you would agree with us that we are keen to put our words into action & that is more meaningful than statistics.  Our ethos is not just to simply add “Diversity” as another tag, we clearly celebrate differences at Spire Barristers!

Any questions or suggestions about anything you think may be of interest to us, please feel free to contact any committee member.

Please do not hesitate to contact us