Secure Emails – Egress11.07.18

Following the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations from Friday 25th May 2018, Spire Barristers have adopted Egress Switch to enable us to send secure emails and attachments.  From now on, emails containing personal or confidential content will be encrypted using Egress Switch.

When you or your firm receive an encrypted email from us you will need to register with Egress (for free) in order to view the emails contents (see below example). This is a one-time registration process and will enable you to reply and send your own encrypted emails to any Spire Barristers account via the Egress Secure Web Access portal.

Egress Switch secure email

Further information is available online via Egress:

Egress How-to guides

How to access encrypted emails or files using Egress Switch Secure Email

Opening a Switch secure email with Egress Switch Web Access