Public Law Children

Specialist Areas

Spire Barristers’ specialist Public Law Children practitioners have a distinguished history of providing advice and advocacy in Public Law Children proceedings for all parties; including parents, grandparents and other extended family members, the children themselves, Children’s Guardians, Local Authorities and government bodies, such as CAFCASS and the Official Solicitor, in all levels of the Family Court across the North Eastern Circuit and, where necessary, nationwide.

Spire Barristers expert Public Law Children practitioners provide:

  • Advice, written and in person
  • Representation and Advocacy in Court
  • Mediation

Our barristers have a thorough understanding of all issues relating to Care and Adoption proceedings. This includes Public Law Children cases involving contact to a child in care, secure accommodation, and the care and upbringing of children as a result of the end of a relationship through divorce, dissolution, separation or death where the Local Authority is involved.

Members of chambers are regularly involved in cases dealing with issues such as death, smothering, drowning, poisoning, burns, significant physical injury including multiple fractures, extensive bruising, internal injuries and non-accidental, inflicted head injuries. Members also regularly deal with cases involving issues of sexual abuse, both historical and familial, emotional abuse, neglect cases including issues such as failure to thrive, and complex Factitious Illness cases where there are often pre-existing medical complexities for the child involved.

Our specialist Family Law Barristers are practiced in short-notice applications for emergency relief and injunctions, and to protect the vulnerable with appropriate orders on the grounds of Public Interest Immunity, and in restricting publication of certain facts. They are expert in cases involving alleged breaches of Human Rights, Wardship and Inherent Jurisdiction, and Forced Marriage.

Our team’s experience includes cases of young people in transition to adulthood, such as care leavers. Our Public Law Children specialists regularly advise on the services and packages available for young people in need of support from statutory services.

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Our barristers have a distinguished history of providing advice and advocacy in Public Law Children matters