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A team of professional and dedicated Public and Private Law Children practitioners, with a long- standing history of advice and advocacy, tailored to your specifications.

Here, we pride ourselves on delivering a premium and personalised service in Public Law proceedings for all parties. Our core client base consists of parents, guardians, grandparents or other extended family members; and as required, the children themselves. We have well-established relations in consultations with Local Authorities and Government bodies, in all levels of the Family Court across the North- Eastern circuit and beyond.

Our proven history has been strengthened by recent additions to the team, ensuring that our core principles of delivering advice and advocacy with knowledge, experience and wisdom to those in need, are never compromised. All members uphold the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in their role of advice, assistance and representation; working diligently for our shared goals.

During the pandemic we have continued to work to our specified standards, through a remote platform. When necessary, we have expressed our need for ‘in person’ hearings, in order to support our clients in the most appropriate way.

Spire Barristers expert Private Law Children Barristers

Here at Spire Barristers, we have a team of 38 Barristers who are specialists concerning Private Law and children. We have an extensive history in cases of dispute between parents or other adults, regarding arrangements following separation or visitation rights.

Spire Barristers expert Private Law Children barristers can provide:

  • Advice, written and in person
  • Representation and advocacy in court
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration

Private Law Children’s cases encompass all areas of Child Arrangement Orders. These new types of order, previously known as Residence and Contact orders, were implemented in 2014 with the enactment of the Children & Families Act 2014. They focus heavily on the amount of time a child spends with each parent, and as a result can be highly emotional and complex in their nature. Our professional and balanced outlook is further poised to deal with cases where any types of abuses or physical violence are a factor. In these cases of sensitivity, our Children’s Law barristers display a reassuring degree of expertise, skill and knowledge.

Further areas of disagreement that can be advised upon, may include schooling or medical treatment, removing children to a permanent or temporary abode outside of the UK, or simply relocation within a UK environment.

We can work to assist many of the interested parties in a case; having extensive experience advising grandparents and other family members in compound issues and disputes. We are also able to support our clients with enforcement of orders relating to children’s arrangements as well as protection of minors from any publicity surrounding a case.

We are leaders in the following fields of Family Law:

  • Child custody
  • Parental abduction
  • Parental alienation
  • Removal from the Jurisdiction
  • Return of children to the Jurisdiction
  • Adoption and Surrogacy
  • Appeals to all levels of Courts
  • Forced Marriage.

Spire Barristers have additional experience, in more extreme cases which require processes such as injunctions, wardship or cases involving inherent jurisdiction of the High Court.

We are proud of our dedication to achieve both practical and effective solutions to disputes for all parties, including parents, grandparents and guardians of children.

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Our members are experienced in handling often highly emotional and complex cases.