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Splitting up can be hard enough without the stress or cost of going to Court. Our Mediation & Arbitration specialists will enable you to make decisions and reach agreement amicably away from Court. At Spire Barristers we want to help you discuss and agree what’s going to happen about your children, property, finances or debts when you separate or divorce.

Family Mediation is voluntary. So you must both agree to meet together in a neutral place with an impartial mediator. With assistance you will both have the chance to discuss options and reach agreements which you want and understand.

Spire Barristers have many experienced Family Law Barristers who have trained as Mediators to help resolve the type of disputes that families or couples face when separating.

Mediators are neutral, so we don’t take sides.

Mediators don’t give legal advice but will recommend and guide you to seek independent legal advice, if you want it, during the mediation process. However our Mediation & Arbitration specialists have a wealth of expertise. So whilst we can’t give legal advice, we are able to help you understand the court process and the wide range of options you can consider and the approach of the Courts to the issues you face.

What will it cost?

Mediation can take between two to four meetings and depends upon the complexity of your problem. We take payment at each session and you both pay the same amount.

For further information or to instruct one of our Family Mediators below for your matter then please contact one of our Family Clerks.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our Family Law clerks


Mediators are neutral, so we don't take sides.