Specialist Areas

Our Family Law Barristers are highly adept at dealing with Injunctions cases where there are instances of harassment and abuse in the family. Quite rightly clients may wish for non-molestation orders or occupation orders, to guarantee their right to peace and enjoyment of their home.

At Spire Barristers, our members have a wide variety of experience in bringing such applications without-notice and securing interim orders, dealing with directions hearings and fighting fact-finding hearings. Our barristers are aware of how to plan such cases and gather evidence, including police or hospital disclosure and witness statements from salient witnesses. This ensures that clients can feel secure that they are receiving expertise that is tried and tested, and are able to be properly and effectively represented at all hearings.

We understand that Injunctions hearings can involve high levels of emotions and there needs to be sensitivity but strong stances taken against the aggressor. At the same time, we know that family disputes are not always one-sided and it is important to let the alleged perpetrator have the opportunity to challenge the evidence. Our barristers understand the need to protect vulnerable clients at court and have the ability to empathise in a manner which is second-to-none. They understand their roles in being voices for the vulnerable and are well-able to represent the accused or the accuser.

Our barristers are experienced practitioners who can help lay clients deal with abusive situations, get the right orders, negotiate satisfactory settlements and fight the case when it is needed.

Injunctions matters we cover:

  1. With and without notice applications;
  2. Directions hearing and settlement discussions;
  3. Fact-finding hearings and the making of final orders;
  4. Variation of Orders proceedings; and
  5. Linked proceedings with Child Arrangement Order applications.
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Our members understand their roles in being voices for vulnerable clients and have the ability to empathise in a manner which is second-to-none.