Reagan Persaud

Called: 2013


Reagan practises exclusively in family law. She has profound experience in all areas of Children Law including, but not limited to, public children, private children, injunctions, enforcement and jurisdiction matters.

Reagan has acted in cases well-beyond her call where she has represented parents in complex fact-finding hearings, dealt with interim removal hearings in the high court and tricky final hearings involving on-going criminal proceedings, linked directions hearings, and children witnesses.

Reagan’s skill lies in her ability to identify the issues in cases very clearly, cutting through any attempt that other parties’ may make to ‘muddy the waters’. She is able to address the court on the relevant matters, and anticipate and prepare for the matters which the court would deem salient. Her strong ability to advise clients on how to present their case and to cover any areas which the court may be concerned about makes her a regular advisor for many solicitors and local authorities across Yorkshire.

Reagan is regularly instructed by Local Authorities and parents to deal with contested ICO removals, fact-finding hearings and lengthy composite final hearings in care proceedings. Reagan is also well-learned and capable of challenging experts on their conclusions and evidence. Judges have regularly found Reagans’ abilities in these areas highly impressive.

She is adept at supporting, advising and representing vulnerable clients with learning difficulties and mental health issues. Her ability to empathise and connect with clients on a personal, human level is second to none. Clients have regularly praised Reagan on her ability to bond in a manner which helps them feel listened to and valued. This is pivotal to the success in her practice thus far.

Reagan’s practice has also exposed her to matters such as enforcement proceedings, jurisdiction issues, surrogacy and adoption proceedings. She has a thorough understanding of these areas and is able to advise and represent clients in very sensitive and private proceedings.

Reagan has previously worked in-house as a Local Authority counsel and so is very well versed in Local Authority processes and procedures. This makes her an ideal representaticve for Local Authorities in complex cases where a certain knowledge of the workings of the Local Authority can be key in presenting their position clearly to the court.


"Reagan is very approachable, she goes above and beyond with her detailed advice on a case and is always thinking one step ahead. She has a brilliant rapport with the clients and many have requested her specifically to deal with their matters. She is a fierce advocate who stands her ground and the clients feel reassured and satisfied with her advocacy and advice.

Reagan has provided detailed attendance notes including advice going forward. I look forward to working with Reagan in the future and find her to be very reliable and a great go-to barrister."

Instructing Solicitor, Local Authority - 2018

"Her strong skills are undoubtedly her ability to interact with the client and put them at ease, advise on points of law and make persuasive arguments in Court. Reagan is very hands on with her cases and is a regular point of contact...a junior to watch out for in the future."

Instructing Solicitor - 2017

Public Law Children

Reagan is regularly instructed by both Local Authorities and on behalf of the parents and children in care proceedings. She has a wealth of experience in this area. Her experience is particularly strengthened because she has a background of working as in-house counsel for a Local Authority so she therefore understands the internal structure of Local Authorities and can advise within that context.

Reagan is capable of dealing with complex fact-finding hearings and representing clients where serious allegations of abuse have been made against them. In particular, Reagan is adept at cross-examining experts and dealing with challenges to the evidence of social workers and guardians.

Reagan is also experienced in complex international care cases, and cases involving child sexual abuse, serious physical injuries to children, and complex emotional abuse cases. She has experience of all levels of care matters up to the high court. Further, she has successfully appealed District Judges and successfully responded to appeals brought against Judgments of Circuit Judges.

Her extensive experience in care matters makes her second to none in this area of law where she is regarded as a specialist in the field. She is a regular representative for many Local Authorities across Yorkshire, and very much an essential and preferred barrister for many parents in complex care cases.

Private Law Children

Reagan understands the high tensions in private children disputes and has experience of dealing with simple contact disputes and much more complex cases that may involve domestic violence, injunctions against parties, the involvement of children’s services via S7 or S37 reports and/or the issue of care proceedings, shared-care arrangements and jurisdictional disputes. She is also able to identify parental alienation issues and champion the causes of both mothers and fathers as a result of her breadth of experience.

Reagan’s background in children’s services allows clients to get incisive advice into the implications of parties’ actions and the proper application of the welfare checklist. She is able to find sensible middle grounds in such disputes and ensure that long-lasting agreements can be reached. She is also capable of challenging the evidence at final hearings and giving clear and relevant submissions on her clients’ behalf. To date, Reagan has been very successful in her private law practice and regularly receives repeat instructions from solicitors across Yorkshire.


Reagan is frequently instructed by solicitors to represent vulnerable clients who have been abused and require protection via NMOs and/or Occupation Orders. She understands the need for without-notice applications and how to gather evidence and represent these clients throughout proceedings. She is alive to the need for vulnerable clients to not be exposed to their perpetrators at court and is aware of the methods of protecting her clients and the unexpected/interlinked issues that her clients may face around, for instance, child contact.

Reagan’s thorough understanding of injunction proceedings and her ability to connect with vulnerable clients makes her somewhat of an expert in this area.

Mediation and Arbitration

Reagan is a qualified, non-practicing mediator. She therefore fully understands the mediation process and is able to provide support and proper advice throughout this process. She can provide strategic advice throughout mediations or arbitrations which greatly assists clients in securing the fairest and most beneficial settlements. However, she also knows when to stop discussions when this may be important for her client and is not afraid to move to contested hearings where negotiations are not appropriate or have reached a point where they would not be in her client’s best interests to proceed. Reagan does not approach mediations with a ‘must-settle’ attitude and will certainly contest matters where it is appropriate to do so.


Family Law Bar Association
Chambers’ Representative on the North Eastern Circuit FLBA Branch
Bar Pro Bono Unit
Lawyers for Children Committee Member
Criminal Law Bar Association
Inner Temple Society
Bar North Eastern Circuit


LLB (Law) Hons - The London School of Economics and Political Science - Upper Second Class Honours - 2008
LLM (Law) - BPP Law School - Distinction - 2015
Accredited Civil/Commerical Mediation - 2013
BPTC - BPP Law School - Very Competent - 2013


Reagan is a qualified fitness instructor and teaches gym classes in her spare time. She is also an amateur chef and loves experimenting with new recipes in her free-time.

Reagan also learns Spanish part-time in the hope of one day becoming fluent in a second language.