Charlotte Keighley

Called: 2003


Charlotte is an experienced advocate who has considerable skill and experience in dealing with young and vulnerable clients and witnesses, including those with communication difficulties, who require the assistance of an intermediary and those with mental health issues.  Thanks to her experience in working with very serious allegations of sexual harm and violence (more often than not, perpetrated against children), Charlotte is especially adept at dealing with finding of fact hearings in Public and Private Law Children Act cases.

As a result of her considerable experience Charlotte is au fait with applications requesting the attendance of minor children to attend at court and give evidence (Re W) and is fully conversant with the requirements of Ground Rules Hearings.

Charlotte also has experience of a case involving the fatal burning of a child and has dealt with numerous cases involving bone fractures.

Charlotte’s initial experience was gained in the field of Criminal Law, where she both prosecuted and defended, being a grade 3 prosecutor appointed to the specialist rape panel.

During her 12 years of practice at the Bar, she has specialised in cases involving serious sexual abuse and violence perpetrated against both children and adults.  Charlotte has developed significant skills in the forensic examination of complex medical evidence.

Charlotte has represented parents, children, other alleged perpetrators and Local Authorities in cases involving serious factual matters and expert evidence.

Charlotte has a superb ability to cut through voluminous information and get to the heart of the issue in a case.

No matter who she is representing, she knows how to get the right result for her clients and achieve the best possible outcome.

Charlotte has a very approachable and friendly manner and is a persuasive, determined and skilled advocate. She is down to earth, enabling her to deal with even the most difficult of clients.

Throughout her career, Charlotte has been led by both Queens Counsel and Senior Junior Counsel in very serious and complex cases.  Charlotte has also led junior counsel in serious and complex cases.

Charlotte is a pupil supervisor, enabling her to pass her knowledge and experience on to others.

Public Law Children

A LA v T & B – a case involving Fabricated or Induced Illness, Charlotte represented two of the children, the case involved complex and voluminous medical evidence, several medical expert witnesses and complex legal and factual issues.

Private Law Children

A v D – Charlotte represented the Applicant father in an International case where the father was a Jordanian National and the mother was a Filipino national living in Dubai. The element of International law was very complex and involved previous proceedings conducted abroad.

Inquests, Police & Prison Law

Re: Corrine Hayes - Inquest instructed by family involving an tragic death - Press coverage;

R v K & Others – Youth Defendant and 15 others charged with sexual offences and grooming of a child complainant who required the assistance of an intermediary to give evidence.
R v C – Defendant charged with multiple sexual and violent offences against 3 complainants, one of who was 7 years of age.
R v E –Prosecuted a Defendant charged with sexual offences against a child.  Case involved a number of child witnesses.
R v N – Defendant with mental health and psychological issues, charged with rape of a child under 13.
R v A –Defendant charged with numerous historic sexual offences whilst in foster care.
R v G –Defendant charged with attempted rape and grooming of a child with communication difficulties who required an electronic notepad to communicate and could only give evidence with the assistance of an intermediary.
R v B – Charlotte was Leading Junior Counsel where the Defendant was charged with historic rape.  The case involved the detailed assessment of DNA evidence and surrounding forensic evidence as well as a number of other complex legal and factual issues.
R v C – Defendant charged with attempted rape and indecent exposure, attempted rape involved the use of extreme violence;
R v D– Charlotte was led by Queens Counsel in a case involving a serving police officer charged with rape.


Family Law Bar Association
Lawyers for Children
Bar Pro Bono Unit
North Eastern Circuit
Middle Temple Inns of Court
Criminal Bar Association
Inquest Lawyers Group
Accredited for Direct Access Cases
HSE, EA & ORR list of Specialist Regulatory Advocates in Health & Safety and Environmental Law


Charlotte is available to provide training in a wide variety of areas, including Public Law Children work, Private Law Children Work, the crossover between family work and criminal work, and Regulatory work including Environmental and Planning.


Greenhead College (Huddersfield)
University of Leeds
Inns of Court School of Law


Charlotte has an interest in politics having previously worked in the House Of Lords.

Charlotte enjoys spending her free time with her young family.