Catherine Burrett

Called: 1992


Catherine is a specialist practitioner in Family Law with 24 years experience. Catherine represents clients in both private and public law children matters.

Public Law Children

In relation to public law matters, she has worked for Local Authorities throughout the South Coast, parents, interveners, Guardians the O/S and separately represented children.

She has dealt with serious cases involving such issues as non-accidental injury, sexual abuse [historic and current] and factitious induced illness cases. Catherine has acted for interveners [family members or foster carers] who were in opposition to the local authority plans when that plan was for care orders/placement orders.

Private Law Children

In relation to private law proceedings Catherine has dealt with all aspects but has a specific interest in removal from the jurisdiction. Most of the residence/contact applications have involved fact-finding hearings due to the history of alleged/domestic violence and alleged/sexual abuse.

Matrimonial Finance

In financial cases, Catherine deals with disputes between married couples and unmarried couples, including cases with intervening family members.


Family Law Bar Association